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Foot Bath Therapy

How to Avoid Dialysis for Patients after Kidney Transplant with Complications

In fact, Kidney Transplant is the last method for patients with ESRD or Uremia. Most people think that kidney transplant is able to cure the kidney problems completely. While actually that is not more

Foot Bath Therapy Can Help to Reduce Dialysis for Patients with CKD

Can Foot Bath Therapy help to reduce Dialysis for Patients with CKD? Take dialysis as the method to treat CKD is the most common scene at present. That is due to the rapid and effective of dialysis more

Does Foot Bath Therapy Really Can Help Reduce Creatinine More Than 5.8

Does Foot Bath Therapy really can help reduce Creatinine more than 5.8? There must have some reasons for people to care more about Serum creatinine level. That is the most obvious sign for patients to more

Foot Bath Therapy As The Alternative to Dialysis for Kidney Failure

Dialysis has become into the most common method for patients with Kidney Failure to alleviate the symptoms. Due to the bad effects of kidney failure for patients, they have to take dialysis without more

Foot Bath Therapy for Creatinine 630 After Kidney Transplant

People who have accepted the Kidney transplant surgery should pay more attention on if the Creatinine rise up or not. Because if the creatinine goes up again, that means the new kidney is damaged over more

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