Patient Stories

  • A letter of Thanks from One Kidney Disease Patient

    To, The Director /Doctor/Aclmsn/Nurse and all other stuff Respected Sir/Madam, I am writing to you today, in order to convey my gratitude to your pleasing stuff who attended to me when I was admitted a...[Read More]

  • Chinese Medicine Overcomes PKD Successfully

    PULAK DUTTA is a PKD sufferer who has been followed by PKD for 7 years,The occurrence of intermittent backache and blood in urine lasts 3 years.With the basic knowledge of renal disease,he knows that P...[Read More]

  • Clinical Laboratory

    My name is Meenakshi Tripathi,from India and I am also a FSGS sufferers.In the early period,I get some pills from our doctors to treat my proteinuria and high blood pressure.But,my blood pressure becom...[Read More]

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