Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome Patient Not Sensitive to Steroids

2017-06-05 17:08

Steroid treatment is often used to treat Nephrotic Syndrome. But for patients are not sensitive to steroids, what should they do and what treatments are available?

There is a little girl with Nephrotic Syndrome for 11 months before she came to our hospital. During the period of time, her parents had tries all common therapies for her condition. However, they were all no helpful.

Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome Patient Not Sensitive to Steroids

Last August, due to Edema of lower extremity, she went to hospital for examination. Her urine protein was 3+ and plasma-albumin was 24g/L, she was diagnosed with “Primary Nephrotic Syndrome”. In her local hospital, she was given cyclophosphamide, prednisone acetate tablets, spironolactone tablets and other steroids. But the problem is that she is not sensitive to steroids. No curative effects showed and what’s worse, her face became bigger and bigger.

Under this severe condition, she comes to our hospital. When she came here, her 24-hour urinary protein quantity became 4.08g.

Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome Patient Not Sensitive to Steroids

To be honest, the studies show that one major reason of primary kidney disease is immune complexes depositing in kidneys, which is easy to cause aggressive inflammatory response. This will cause lots of renal cell necrosis.

Steroids can inhibit inflammatory reaction but cannot cleanse immune complexes. Therefore, we use Toxin-Removing Treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to cleanse immune complexes, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, etc.

After two weeks of treatment, 24UPr was reduced to 1.45g. This little girl was very happy to hear that. She can become beauty again.

Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome Patient Not Sensitive to Steroids

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