How Should Uremic Patients Relieve Skin Itching

2018-10-31 10:20

Relieve Skin Itching,Uremic PatientsIt is common to see skin itching in Kidney Failure patients, so how should uremic patients relieve skin itching? Following this article to get the answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

1. Heparin relieving itching:

some patients with itching due to allergy to heparin or heparin can be replaced with other heparin to remove the itching caused by allergies. Another report is that intravenous heparin 75 lOOmg, 1 days, 2 weeks, 2-3 weeks, can eliminate itching, and its efficacy can last several days to weeks.

2. Naloxone relieving itching:

This is an opioid receptor blocker, because the brain is not a central inducer of pruritus, so it can be used to prevent and control some pruritus patients.

3. Parathyroidectomy relieving itching:

After parathyroidectomy, the patient's serum calcium level decreased, itching disappeared or alleviated, and when the serum calcium returned to normal again after itching.

4. Hemoperfusion to relieve itching:

Increasing the frequency of dialysis can alleviate itching in some patients, but not in others, and even aggravate itching. Recently, it has been reported that hemoperfusion can effectively reduce the concentration of histamine in the blood and relieve itching.

5. Antiurticamide:

Cholesterol has been used in itching associated with obstructive jaundice and polycythemia vera. It has been reported that 5 grams of cholesterol, twice a day, can inhibit itching. Its effect may be due to its ability to remove some unknown organic acid that causes uremic itching. But it can cause side effects of nausea and constipation, and after withdrawal. It will last for 3 days.

Of course, you can not take medicine by yourself that you should consult your doctor.

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