What Are The Symptoms Of Early Uremia

2018-08-07 16:13

Early Uremia,In order to make more people understand the relevant knowledge of the kidney, most kidney disease is a long-term accumulation of bad habits of the disease, so we need to live in normal life to protect the kidney of small details, as well as to understand the self investigation of kidney disease is very important.

Uremia is not an independent disease, but a clinical syndrome common to all kinds of advanced kidney diseases. It is the end stage of progressive chronic renal failure. In this stage, in addition to the disorder of water and electrolyte metabolism and acid-base balance disorder, the metabolic products appear in the digestive tract, heart, lung, nerve, muscle, skin and blood, due to the large retention of the metabolites in the body.

That is to say, the term "uremia" is discussed from the angle of clinical manifestation. As a result, the doctor should not only measure the blood urea nitrogen and blood creatinine, but also be judged by the symptoms of the body's own poisoning, and can not make the diagnosis of the "uremia", so as not to aggravate the patient's ideological burden.

The main clinical manifestations of uremia are as follows: the symptoms of digestive system are nausea, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, the taste of urine is in the mouth, the symptoms of cardiovascular system are hypertension, congestive heart failure, uremia pericarditis, myocardial disease and so on; the symptoms of blood system are anemia significant and bleeding tendency; the symptoms of nervous system are early stage. Symptoms of neuromuscular disorders, multiple neuropathy in the circumference, and later uremic encephalopathy; symptoms of uremic pneumonia in the respiratory system; skin pruritus and urea cream. In addition, metabolic acidosis often occurs, and it is manifested by high potassium or low potassium, low calcium and high phosphorus.

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