How High Blood Pressure Develop Into Kidney Failure

2018-10-10 10:01

High Blood Pressure,Kidney FailureOrgan failure is a complication of late deterioration of hypertension. It begins with single organ damage and then leads to more than two organ failure. Renal failure is the most common one. Patients may have muscle weakness, muscle spasm, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, halitosis, anemia, weight loss, systemic itching, convulsions, etc, and eventually develop into uremia.

How can hypertensive patients prevent renal failure? Long-term hypertension damage to the kidney is obvious to all, so we must timely control blood pressure, reduce the damage of hypertension to the kidney. If not timely and correct treatment, will destroy the kidney blood vessels, resulting in insufficient blood supply of the kidney, causing damage to kidney function. When renal function is completely lost, renal failure occurs.

At this point, the kidneys will not release enough hormones to maintain blood pressure balance and produce red blood cells and vitamin D. This leads to the following symptoms: elevated blood pressure: it can also lead to serious complications such as stroke, heart disease, and even death. The body can not produce enough red blood cells, leading to renal anemia.

More importantly, excess liquid, waste and toxins will accumulate in the body. Such as excessive accumulation of blood in growing and irreparable damage.

Patients commonly take dialysis or kidney transplant to treat kidney failure, in China, most of patients take chinese medicine to stop the process to kidney failure, which can get good effects.

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