4 Ways To Check The Symptoms Of Renal Failure

2018-09-12 11:01

Renal Failure,SymptomsRenal failure is a gradual decline in renal function after damage. Do you know what are the tests of renal failure?

The symptoms of renal failure is a very worrying thing for many patients, but for many people, the detection of renal failure is a very strange topic, for most patients, to understand the detection of renal failure is still very important, then, what is the detection of renal failure?

What are the examinations for renal failure?

1. Urine osmotic pressure decreased, renal failure detection and urine osmotic pressure has a great relationship, mostly below 450 mOsm per kilogram, low weight, mostly below 1.018, when serious fixed between 1.010-1.012, urine concentration and dilution test for nocturnal urine more than daily urine, each urine specific gravity are more than 1.020, the highest and lowest urine specific gravity difference. Less than 0.008.

2. Blood biochemistry examination: The examination of renal failure has a lot to do with the blood biochemistry examination forehead process, the plasma albumin reduces, the blood calcium is on the low side, the blood phosphorus increases, the blood potassium and the blood sodium depend on the condition of the disease.

3. Urine protein increased, and most of the glomeruli were destroyed in the late stage.

4. Urinary sediment examination, X-ray urography and radiography, isotope nephrography, kidney scan, renal biopsy, can have a number of different red blood cells, white blood cells, epithelial cells and granular tubular type, waxy tubular type is the most significant.

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