Five Diet Principles In Kidney Failure Patients

2018-08-15 15:59

Kidney Failure, Diet PrincipleWhat about the diet of Renal Failure? Renal failure is a relatively common kidney disease in our society, seriously endangering the body of patients, because renal failure to the late stage is caused by the loss of renal function. A good diet is very important for renal failure patients to control illness conditions, What about the diet of renal failure?

1. Water: If you take too much water, the kidneys can not rule it out, there will be edema or cardiopulmonary failure, so water control is a very important issue, the doctor will depend on the amount of urine, or dialysis, to determine the amount of water intake, generally according to the previous day's urine volume Plus 500-750c.c

2. Kidney failure is aggravated by the inability of the kidneys to remove waste products from protein metabolism, and therefore protein intake is recommended to be reduced; however, when kidney washing occurs, it should be noted that protein loss occurs during dialysis, so nutritionists must be advised to maintain the body's needs.

3. The accumulation of potassium in the body can cause muscle weakness, and in severe cases it can lead to heart failure and arrhythmia.

4. Because of the high sodium content in salt, if there is too much sodium in the body of patients with renal failure, it will cause the retention of water in the body, and then cause heart and lung failure and aggravate the situation of renal failure. But do not use low sodium salt because low sodium salt contains high potassium ions.

5. Because excessive phosphorus in the body causes calcium loss, doctors use drugs to help control the phosphorus content in the blood and prevent osteoporosis.

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