What Kinds Of Diet Are Suggested For End Stage Renal Disease Patients

2018-11-05 14:37

End Stage Renal DiseaseEnd Stage Renal Disease is the last stage of kidney disease, patients are suffering from all kinds of complications. In some way, the reasonable diet is beneficial for kidney failure patients. More and more patients are consulting ONLINE DOCTOR, what kinds of diet are suggested for end stage renal disease patients.

1. Low protein diet, protein intake of 0.5g/kg/d, of which high quality protein should account for 50 - 70%. High quality protein is: egg, milk, lean meat and so on, bean products should be restricted.

2. Enough calorie, diet should emphasize that high calorie diet, conditional people can eat wheat starch, or corn starch, the starch contains only 0.6g of low-quality protein, and can meet the requirements of high calorie.

3. Limitation of sodium and water, urine volume less than 1000ML, sodium intake should be limited to 3g/d, not more than 5g at most, and water intake should be limited to 700-900ml/d.

4. Low phosphorus diet, foods containing high phosphorus content: animal viscera and brain, should avoid eating.

5. Vitamins and trace elements can be used to drink materials and foods containing zinc, iron and selenium. On the other hand, zinc and iron can be used to supplement trace elements.

At the same time, it is very important to take right treatments for repairing damaged kidneys. Various of chinese herbal medicines used in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy have good effects on repairing damaged kidneys and rebuilding kidney structures.

So patients can have a longer and better life.

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