Can A Patient With Uremia Drink Tea

2018-07-27 15:40

Patient With Uremia,Drink TeaNephrotic experts point out that patients with uremia can drink tea, but they should pay attention to it.

The practice shows that tea can reduce the viscosity of the human blood, reduce the permeability and brittleness of the capillary, reduce the serum cholesterol and increase the high density lipoprotein, have the effect of preventing cardiovascular disease, and have the effect of anti aging and increasing immunity. Drink plenty of tea water can make people excited, strong heart, diuresis, convergence, sterilization, anti-inflammatory and other functions, long-term drinking tea, can eliminate fatigue, enhance memory and so on.

Uremia is the most serious period of kidney disease. In addition to the disorder of water and electrolyte metabolism and acid-base balance disorder, extensive systemic poisoning symptoms such as digestive tract and blood are presented because of metabolic products in the body, which seriously threatens the health and life safety of the patients. In addition to actively cooperate with the treatment, uremia patients should pay special attention to diet and other aspects of health care in daily life.

However, tea contains caffeine, so the more concentrated tea contains more caffeine. It has been proved that caffeine can cause normal human cell aberration, the possibility of carcinogenic, and a large number of excessive drinking thick tea, excessively excitability of the human nervous system, the burden of the heart and kidney, the secretion of gastrin and the induced peptic ulcer, and the tannic acid is easy to combine with iron to reduce the absorption of hemopoietic factor iron.

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