Diabetes Basic

The aim of Diabetes treatment is to keep, within reason, blood sugar normal as much as possible. Treatment should be agreed on an individual basis and deal with medical, psychosocial and lifestyle issues.

Balance insulin intake with food and lifestyle

The quantity of insulin intake must be linked to how much food you consume, as well as when you eat. The daily activities will also have something to do with when and how much insulin you take.

Checking blood sugar levels

There is a blood test called the A1C which can tell you your average blood sugar levels over a two-to-three month period. Patients with Type 2 Diabetes may also need to take oral medication and insulin to control blood sugar levels.

Prevent developing cardiovascular disease

For a diabetic, cardiovascular disease is the common complication of Diabetes, so it is important to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol levels regularly. Healthy eating, doing exercise, keeping weight down will all contribute to good cardiovascular health. Some patients need oral medication for this.

Stop smoking

Smoking might have a serious effect on the cardiovascular health, so patients should stop smoking.

Además de los 2 puntos anteriores, de acuerdo con casos de pacientes detallados, exámenes de laboratorio y exámenes patológicos pueden también hacer diagnóstico correcto.

Chinese herbal medicine

It can expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, which has a real effect on controlling the blood pressure and blood sugar. Moreover, some kinds of herbal medicines can improve people's immunity and enhance patients' self-healing and self-adjustment ability. Chinese herbal medicines come from the nature, so it will not cause much side effects to human body.

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Diabetes Symptoms

People can often have Diabetes and be completely unaware. The main reason for this is that the symptoms, when seen on their own, seem harmless.

The clinical symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes include:

(1)Thirst, polydipsia, diuresis, especially the nocturia increases.

(2)Polyphagia: blood glucose can not enter the cells, so cells can not use the glucose, which stimulates the hunger center of brain to produce the signal of hunger. However, there has no satiety after eating, so the eating times and the food intake increase obviously.

(3)Weight loss: it is a common symptom of Type 1 Diabetes. Glucose utilization reduces, while lipodieresis increases.

(4)Fatigue, poor mental state, patients like lying in bed instead of activities: the reason is that the blood glucose can not enter cells and cells are lack of energy.

(5)Swelling with no reasons.

(6)Cataract or obvious decline on vision.

(7)The repeated appearance of furuncle, itchy skin and purulent infections.

(8)The early symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes also include pruritus vulvae.

(9)Illness condition develops fast once patients are infected phthisis.

(8)The early symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes also include pruritus vulvae.

(10)Numb, pain or hyperesthesia appear in four limbs.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes:

(1) Thirst and dry throat: they hint blood glucose and blood viscosity increase. Some patients with Type 2 Diabetes don't feel thirsty, even though the blood glucose increases, which is because the thirsty center is not sensitive.

(2) Fatigue: it is caused by the accumulation of metabolin of cells.

(3) Increase in blood pressure: blood glucose increases, then the blood volume increases.

(4) Abdominal distension and constipation: they may be caused by the gastrointestinal leiasthenia, autonomic nerve damage and too much use of biguanides.

(5) Headache and dizziness: high blood pressure and low blood glucose are easy to cause headache and dizzness.

(6) Desquamation of skin: dry skin, itchy skin, and desquamation.

(7) Feet numbness: feet sting, then numb, it hints there has Diabetes peripheral neuritis.

(8) Epichrosis: feet seem to be pale and cold, and then the color becomes damson, which hints foot ischemia. The severe foot ischemia is the signal for foot to get acra gangrene.

(9) Function of eye control declines, and mild cataract may appear.

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Diabetes Treatment

DN is a secondary disease caused by diabetes.So the therapy used to treat DN is taken to solve the diabetes to control the disease process.There are mainly 3 reasons that worsen the diabetes into DN:high sugar,high blood pressure and the genetic factor.The article will show you several methods to treat the disease.

1.Control the blood sugar and blood pressure.

High sugar causes the damage on whole body blood capillary and the high blood pressure may lead to the serious complications.So controlling the two factors is necessary to limit the development of DN.Western Medicine plays an important role in stop the protopathy,like ACEI or insulin .

2.replacement therapy

As the advanced methods to treat the DN,dialysis and the renal transplantis the significant way to control the disease process.Dialysis is used to replace the part of renal function to maintain the patients life.And the renal transplantis a more thorough way to resolve the renal disease.However,regardless of dialysis or renal transplantboth are problematic even harmful to patients body.There are too many effects that may overdraft the patients remaining health.


TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a kind of traditional medical science,which uses natural herbs or acupuncture and moxibustion,etc to treat the disease.TCM offers several methods to remedy the DN fundamentally.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,Immunotherapy,Blood Pollution Therapy and so on are taken to control the disease effectively and relieve the pain of patients.In addition,these therapies can also improve the life quality and prolong the life span of patients as far as possible.Compare with Western Medicine,TCM has less effects during the therapeutic process.


Besides the necessary pharmacotherapy,the healthy diet is beneficial to the patients condition.The proper exercise and the rest can also increase resistance to avoid infection. The therapy is different,which depends on the specific condition.So if you have been diagnosed with DN,don't worry,you can talk to the online doctor or leave messages on below about your disease condition and get the free,professional guidance from experts.

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Diabetes Diet

DN,the common complication of diabetes,is one of the most important death causes of diabetes.Owing to the unobvious symptoms in early stage,the DN often be ignored.While when edema,serious proteinuria,high blood pressure,hypoproteinemia and NS(nephrotic syndrome)or uremia appear,the disease may often belongs to middle or end stage and the prognosis is not well.

DN puts emphasis on the diagnosis and treatments in the early stage.Besides the necessary medical treatments,dietotherapy plays an important role in therapy.It is useful to reduce the renal burden and beneficial to control the disease and relieve the damage caused by the long-term medicine.The main rules are as following:

1.Control the intake of vegetable protein.Owing to the leakage of massive proteinuria,patients should increase the intake of protein.But the vegetable protein is not suitable to patients,because the vegetable protein is rich in purine base that will increase the renal burden.So the intake of soybean,soybean milk and so on should be limited and they can be replaced by fish,shrimp,trepang,etc.

2.Limit the fat.When patients suffer from the renal disease,the intake of fat should be limited.Because the fat may worsen the arteriosclerosis and aggravate the patients condition.

3.Limit the high purine food.a lot of purine may increase the renal burden.Celery,spinach,peanut,sardine and so on are limited to eat.

4.Eat less salt and eggs.If the high blood pressure and edema occur,the intake of salt should take strictly.What's more,the eggs will produce much uric acid that will cause the accumulation during the metabolism.

Although we have many information about the healthy diet,the patients condition is different.According to the stage and features of pathological or physiological changes,it should take the individualized diet plan. If you have other questions about your disease,you can talk to online doctor to get the free and professional guidance.

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Diabetes Healthy Living

DN is one of the common chronic diseases in life,which will cause some serious complications that may endanger the patients lives.So if you suffer from the diabetes,the healthy living should be taken to avoid the deterioration of diabetes.Besides the positive treatments,patients should change their life style to control the disease condition.Now we will introduce several healthy living style for patients.

1.Healthy Diet

The patients should pay attention to their daily diet at first.The balanced diet and the regular meal time are good for controlling the disease condition.Patients should eat more foods that are rich in unsaturated fattyacid,antioxidant ingredient,vitamin and cellulose.The foods contain abundant saturated fat and cholesterol are not suitable to patients,because these foods will increase the risk of CVD and atherosclerosis.

2.Lose weight

Overweight may delay the human reaction to insulin,increasing the difficulty to control the disease.Lose weight properly can enhance the sensitivity to insulin, improve the control to blood sugar and reduce the dependence on drug contains insulin.

3.Reduce pressure

When you are nervous,paranephros will secrete more cortin,that is,stress hormone.The stress hormone will increase the excitability of sympathetic nerve and the requirement of insulin,improve the blood sugar and increase the burden of islet cells,thus the disease condition be worsen.

4.Enough sleep

Lack of sleep will increase blood sugar directly and improve the content of stress hormones,which are both the factors deteriorate the disease.

5.Quit smoking

Besides the damage of smoking on body,it will lead to the poor circulation in body,thus worsen the damage of diabetes.

6.Take proper exercise

According to the study,the patients with regular exercise has a low risk to suffer from the severe complications.But please confirm the proper project under your doctor advice.

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