International Inpatient Area

2013-12-24 22:01

The international departement of Hua Xia Kidney Disease Research Institute is founded in 2007. At present, there are 5 experts, 13 physicians, 20 foreign-related nursing staffs, 14 translators and patients can receive 24-h nursing cares and services.

There are 70 high-grade wards for patients from all over the world. The wards are fully equipped with wireless network, air conditioner, fully automatic washing machine, water dispenser, LCD TV, sofa, tea table, water heater as well as independent kitchen, kitchenware and tableware.

At present, the international department of Hua Xia Kidney Disease Research Institute has helped more than hundreds of patients from all over the world to get rid of kidney diseases. And we have received many letters of thanks from the patients since the foundation.

In addition, kidney disease experts from Japan, United States and France have come to visit our hospital. We have also held many academic communications which have been highly spoken by both Chinese and foreign experts.

Our services:

Every patient will have one nurse to offer full-time care covering shopping, walking, washing, psychological counseling, etc.

After the discharge of the patients, we will still provide guidance for proper daily diets, medicines and home nursing cares for them.

When patients come to our hospital, we will go to the railway station or airport to pick them up.


What else you want to know:
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What is the duration if I receive this treatment in your hospital?
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How can I go to your hospital?


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