Is Only Diet Useful For High Creatinine Level

2018-11-30 09:25

High Creatinine Level,DietCreatinine is called creatinine when it is higher than normal. Creatinine includes serum creatinine and urinary creatinine, but serum creatinine is more meaningful to measure renal function. So high creatinine generally refers to high serum creatinine. But in general, creatinine production is constant.

Causes of loss of water in the body, such as fever, sweating, reduced drinking water, polyuria lead to blood concentration, reduced renal blood flow, creatinine rise. The occurrence of fatigue in life, bad rest and neglect of details of life can also cause a certain range of creatinine elevation. Urine abnormalities, long-term occurrence of hematuria, proteinuria, will unconsciously appear in creatinine elevation phenomenon

Patients with nephropathy who take drugs that damage their kidneys under unknown circumstances can experience an increase in creatinine, even irreversible. When people with renal insufficiency are infected (including colds, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, etc.), creatinine increases in the short term.

In patients with hypertension, blood pressure is unstable and creatinine is high.

In patients with kidney disease, creatinine is elevated due to relapse.

In addition to adhering to the principle that diet is good for health and does not increase the burden of kidneys, we should also pay attention to some details. Specifically, creatinine-rich diets are as follows:

Salt limitation: Generally speaking, patients with renal insufficiency in compensatory phase and azotemia stage have high serum creatinine and begin to show various mild clinical symptoms, but due to moderate pathological damage, hypertension and edema can be seen, and salt intake can be controlled, and low-salt or salt-free diet can be given respectively. Protein supply: Because of azotemia and renal insufficiency, in order to control the deterioration of renal function, protein intake should be controlled and high quality protein diet should be selected.

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