What Will Cause Creatinine To Increase Up

2018-11-18 13:59

CreatinineUsually, the higher the Creatinine, the greater the damage to the kidneys. Creatinine is a product of the metabolism of muscle in the human body, and the metabolism of 20g can produce 1mg creatinine. Creatinine is also divided into serum creatinine and creatinine. The above mentioned indexes refer to serum creatinine.

Blood creatinine is closely related to the total muscle mass in the body, and is not susceptible to diet. Almost every day creatinine produced in the body can be excreted entirely with urine. When renal insufficiency occurs, creatinine accumulates in the body, forming a toxin that is harmful to human body.

Excessive creatinine can cause many hazards, such as renal anemia, increased nocturia, systemic edema, renal osteopathy, infection, potassium metabolic disorders, metabolic acidosis and so on.

People often feel anxious about the sudden rise of creatinine, but don't be too nervous. Worsening of renal insufficiency is not the only cause of elevated creatinine. These conditions also lead to a sudden increase in creatinine.

1. Hypertension patients, unstable blood pressure control, will appear a phenomenon of high creatinine.

2. Too tired, not resting well, not paying attention to small details of life, will cause a certain range of creatinine rise.

3. Due to fever, sweating, drinking water and other reasons cause loss of body fluid, creatinine will increase.

4. Excessive intake of meat has a high muscle content and a high level of creatinine.

5. Patients with kidney disease, such as colds, may also develop creatinine in a short time.

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