What Are The Common Reasons And Symptoms Of High Creatinine Level

2018-09-30 11:32

High Creatinine Level,Reasons And Symptoms1. Loss of water in the body, such as fever, perspiration, water consumption reduced, polyuria leads to blood concentration, renal blood flow decreased, creatinine will be increased.

2. Life appears tired, rest is not good, life details do not pay attention to, can also cause a certain range of serum creatinine elevation.

3. Urine abnormality, long-term occurrence of hematuria, proteinuria, will appear unconsciously in the phenomenon of creatinine elevation.

What is the normal index of creatinine? What are the causes of high creatinine? What are the symptoms of creatinine?

4. Patients with kidney disease who take drugs that damage the kidneys under unknown circumstances may have elevated creatinine, even irreversible.

5. When people with renal insufficiency are infected (including colds, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, etc.), creatinine will increase in the short term.

6. Hypertension patients, unstable blood pressure, there will be a high level of creatinine.

7. Patients with kidney disease, due to relapse, lead to elevated creatinine.

What are the Symptoms of high creatinine?

1. Water metabolism disorders: including polyuria, nocturia, thirst, dry mucosa, fatigue, etc. or systemic edema, elevated blood pressure, pulmonary edema and heart failure.

2. Disturbance of sodium metabolism: high levels of creatinine and hyponatremia or hypernatremia.

3. Disturbance of potassium metabolism: hypercreatinemia and hypokalemia often occur in creatinine.

4. Metabolic acidosis: Patients with high creatinine may have deep and long breathing, lack of appetite, abdominal pain and nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache, restlessness and even coma and other symptoms.

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