Chronic Kidney Diseases

Chronic Kidney Diseases Basic

Chronic Kidney Diseases(CKD) refers to the chronic renal damage or the severe decline of GFR in more than 3 months.In early stage,the patients may not feel the obvious uncomfortable,which is the reason why many patients are diagnosed with renal failure when they are feel not well.

The Stage of CKD

According to the GFR,CKD can be divided into 5 stages.

1、slight renal damage with the normal or increased GFR ≥90

2、 renal damage with the slight decreased GFR 60~89

3、moderate decline of GFR 30~59

4、severe reduced GFR 15~29

5、ESRD <15

PS.GFR means the the glomerular filtration rate that is a index of renal function.


Some routine tests are common to patients,like Blood Test,Creatinine,etc.Besides,our hospital provides other special tests for patients: --Lymphocyte Subsets --Urine Protein Electrophoresis --Autoantibody Tests --Toxins in Blood Serum --Kidney Damage Tests --Emergency Tests --Diagnosis of Hematuria Position --Lab Tests for Complement


The mainly cause of CKD are high blood pressure and diabetes.There are other reasons also may lead to or worsen the damage to kidneys,such as infection,poor external environment and overwork,etc.The different disease condition depends on the different patients'habitus.If you want to know more about your disease condition,you can contact live doctor.


Prognosis of CKD is various,due to the chronicity and complexity of thus disease.Besides,some severe complications may worsen the disease,such as high blood pressure,CVD,and so on.It is necessary to take the timely and effective treatments to control the disease condition and relieve the symptoms as far as possible.Besides the drug therapy,dialysis therapy are also important to patients.

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CKD Symptoms

Before appear of the obvious symptoms,patients may not feel uncomfortable.Once the patients feel not well,it means that the disease is severer.While there are also some symptoms in the early stage,which is very important to patients to control the disease process.


Edema is a common symptom of CKD.It may causes the lesions on eyelid or face,even the lower limbs.As the disease goes on,the edema will be more and more serious.

2.Abnormal urine 

It includes 3 types.The first is the bubbles in urine,which means that the urine contain protein,that is proteinuria.Proteinuria is the most common symptoms that is related to the development of CKD.The different causes to CKD influence the leakage of protein in urine in the early stage.Yet with the time and disease progress,leakage of massive proteinuria will the common things.The second is blood in urine,which refers to the damage in body caused by CKD.The last one is the increased nocturnal enuresis without the physiological and mental reasons.The abnormal urine is a very important symptoms of patients health.


The damaged renal function causes the endocrine dysfunction,which influences the production of EPO.The lack of EPO may cause the insufficient blood supply to some degree,which may cause the anemia.

4.high blood pressure

It may lead to the lesions on eyes or the headache even worsening the disease.About 1/3 patients with renal disease have a high blood pressure that will cause the severer complications.So it should be pay more attention to control.

5.other symptoms

For example,abnormal urine,anemia,nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, shortness of breath and heart problems, etc. These above are the introduction of CKD.And if you feel not well or diagnosed with CKD,what should you do to control your condition?

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CKD Treatment

CKD has become the global health problem.The high morbidity and fatality,obvious risk to CVD and the huge expenses have affected many patients,family,even country.Now,there are several methods to treat the CKD and control the disease as far as possible.

1.Western Medicine

Dialysis and Renal Transplant are both replacement therapy.In treating the CKD,they make important effect to resolve the question.Dialysis is one of the replacement therapies that instead of the part of renal function to eliminate the metabolic waste,keep the balance of acid-base and electrolyte and maintain the life.While there are many effects to patients body,such as imbalance syndrome, pyrogen reaction,heart failure,hypotension and so on.Besides,the chance of renal transplant and the proper and matching kidneys are rare.In addition,during the progress of transplantation ,the use of immunosuppressant may also increase the infection and the risk of deterioration.Although the fast effect is obvious,the effects are also dangerous to patients with CKD.


In treating the CKD,TCM offers several methods to control the disease condition and remedy the disease fundamentally.Immunotherapy,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,Blood Pollution Theory and so on play a very important role in clinic to treat the renal disease.TCM has less effects than replacement therapy,which can reduce the risk of deterioration.They can control the blood pressure and inflammatory reaction effectively to prevent the disease from continuing even deteriorating.Also they can improve the environment to renal repair,which will provide a larger space for nephrocyte repair and promote the reestablishment of renal function.What's more,TCM therapies can remedy the CKD fundamentally,decrease the pain of patients and prolong the life-pan as far as possible,improve the life quality of patients.


Except the Western or Chinese medicine,dietotherapy plays an important role in control the disease condition and improve the body health.While the specific food intake depends on the different patients condition.If you have some questions about diet,you can contact online doctor to get the free and professional guidance.

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CKD Diet

Owing to the nature of CKD,curing the disease completely is almost impossible to many patients.So controlling the complications and the development of disease to avoid uremia is the direct goal of many treatments.What's more,healthy diet play a very important role in controlling the process of CKD. To keep a healthy diet patients should follow the following advice:

1.Take a low protein diet.

The lots of leakage of protein does not means that the body need a large amount of protein intake.The key is the high-quality animal albumen,not just the protein.Besides,the intake of protein is should be controlled.

2.Control the intake of water and salt

Due to the damaged renal function,the intake of water and salt should be limited,or they will increase the renal burden even worsening the disease condition.The proper intake of water and salt is very important to patients to keep their current situation.

3.Take exercise,avoid tiredness and rest well.

The proper exercise and the rest can make your body stronger and protect you from the invasion of inflammation and reduce the influence to kidneys.

4.Prevent cold from infection and take medicine carefully to avoid the deterioration

The infection may worsen the patients condition and renal damage,which may lead to the disease deteriorate into ESRD.

5.Keep a positive and optimistic mindset,quit smoking and drinking modestly.

For many patients with CKD,the good mindset is more useful than treatments.The various therapies just take changes on body,while the positive mindset can rescue patients on the margins of survival. The healthy diet is more useful to patients to keep their health.However,the specific condition is different among patients.So if you have other problems that the article did not put forward,just talk to our live doctor and they will give you free and more professional guidance to you.

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CKD Healthy Living

CKD is a kind of chronic disease that needs a long term treatment.It is difficult to doctors to cur the disease completely. The control and limit are important in early stage of CKD.Except the necessary drug therapy,healthy diet plays an important role in treating the disease.Here are several suggestion about patients to have a healthy living.It can help the kidneys repair and provide an better space to the renal repair.There are some notes should be followed from the patients.

1.Healthy Diet

First,keep a healthy diet is necessary.Controlling the intake of protein salt and water and limiting the fat intake are beneficial to patients condition.Besides,proper intake of high-quality protein,calcium and phosphorus are necessary to keep the body be normal.

2.Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are both harmful to our body,let alone the patients with renal disease.They will be the heavier burden for the damaged kidneys and may also promote the damage on kidneys.

3.Take the proper exercise

The proper exercise will make the patients stronger and enhance resistance.It is important to patients that do not let yourselves be overwrought,which is not beneficial to your disease condition.

Besides the above points,the patients condition is different,so do not follow other's methods to control your condition,avoiding exacerbation.If you have other problems,you can talk to online doctor,they will give you free and professional guidance to your disease condition.Proper exercise makes your mind and body be easy and comfortable to avoid infection.

However,the rules are just contain several aspects to patients to receive them.The individual condition is different among all renal disease..If you are interested in TCM or do not know that vegetables or meats can you eat,just contact our live doctor and it can tell you the professional guidance freely.

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