Slow The Process To Uremia Stage For Curing Chronic Kidney Disease

2018-04-16 15:42

The kidney is the organ with the size of the fist on both sides of our waist.

What are the functions of kidneys?

1. Clearing away the metabolic waste in the body

2. Keeping the balance of water and sodium

3. Keeping the potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and other substances to be stable

4. Adjusting blood pressure

5. Promoting the formation of red blood cells

6. Activation of vitamin D

The six functions are very important for us, stopping on will threaten our lives. Although kidneys are so important for us, there still are lots of patients are in kidney disease.

Why are there lots of kidney disease patients in all over the world?

The reasons of kidney disease.

The source of kidney disease is very wide: heredity, immunodeficiency, excessive intake of fat, sugar, protein, heavy metals and so on. Many healthy people don't have congenital defects, due to bad habits that can also get to kidney disease.

But fortunately, in these causes, there is no virus bacteria, so it is not contagious.

The complexity of the cause increases the potential population of kidney disease.

It is difficult to find kidney disease.

Kidney disease has a strong concealment, which is determined by a powerful kidney. The about 1000000 kidney units, even if more than half of the kidney is damaged that they still can maintain normal functioning. Therefore, when the kidneys are initially damaged, there are few symptoms or small symptoms.


It is impossible to repair dead cells and tissues, but we can repair diseased cells and tissues to slow the process of uremia, which can improve and protect kidney functions.

Difficulty in treatment

Kidney disease is a worldwide problem, so far there is no cure for it. It's just to control the progress of the disease. Speaking of not being able to cure, it may cause many renal friends to despair, and think they have incurable diseases. But there are very few diseases that can be completely cured in medicine. No one can guarantee that if they are cured without relapse.

For example, a common cold, but after you have taken the cold medicine, will you not catch a cold again? So, if you think so, you don't need to worry that whether you can get a cure for kidney disease. It can control the development of the disease, reduce the recurrence, and protect the kidney function.

What else you want to know:
How can I get this treatment?
How can I get this treatment in my countries?
How much does this treatment cost?
What is the duration if I receive this treatment in your hospital?
What should I prepare to your hospital except visa?
How can I go to your hospital?

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