Does Protein Limiting Mean No Protein For Chronic Kidney Failure 3 Stage

2018-08-05 15:49

Chronic Kidney Failure 3 Stage,Protein Limiting,Products of protein metabolism in vivo, such as ammonia, urea, creatinine and other nitrogen compounds, need to be excreted through the kidneys. If a person overdose protein, it will increase the burden of the liver and kidney and adversely affect the human body. After diagnosis of kidney disease, doctors often advise patients to control protein intake. But some patients too "follow the doctor's advice", not only "restricted protein" diet, or even "protein free" diet.

"After a patient has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, he began to control protein diet, eating only vegetarian, not eating meat, even tofu can not move, the results not only do not help the treatment of kidney disease, but cause malnutrition, low immunity, infection, aggravated the condition." The expert said.

Experts remind: clinical research shows that low protein diet can reduce urinary protein excretion. But protein is the essential nutrient of human body, and is also indispensable for human metabolism. Patients with chronic nephritis and nephrotic syndrome can not be vegetarian as long as the kidney function is normal. We should take some proteins with lower requirements for kidney excretion, and take "little and fine" for the intake of protein, with high quality animal protein, such as milk, eggs, meat and so on.

In addition, soy products are prohibited. This is because the soy products contain more non essential amino acids, long term consumption, not only causes glomerular damage or hardening, the appearance of proteinuria, and protein metabolite urea nitrogen need to be filtered through glomerulonephritis, which will inevitably increase the kidney burden, which will further damage the renal function and further aggravate the patient's condition.

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