What Are The Risks Of Chronic Renal Failure

2018-09-08 10:21

Chronic Renal Failure,RisksWhen patients with renal failure, patients will have metabolic abnormalities, if renal function continues to lose, electrolyte disorders, acid-base imbalances and other conditions, and then the digestive system, respiratory system and other diseases!

What are the Risks of chronic renal failure?

Patients with abnormal kidney function will lead to physical weakness, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal bleeding, anemia and cardiovascular diseases, etc. With the deterioration of the disease, there will be symptoms of uremic bronchitis, itching skin, endocrine disorders, patients need to actively accept drug treatment, and also on time for examination. Check and monitor your physical changes.

Experts pointed out that if patients with complete loss of renal function in the case of renal failure will have the risk of death, so suggest that renal function should be weakened in the process of drug treatment as soon as possible, patients at this time can only choose dialysis treatment and renal transplantation treatment, but whether the specific surgery can be carried out, still need to be further improved Physical assessment can be done.

If chronic renal failure patients are not treated, renal function can only be slowly lost, eventually leading to all organ failure in patients with death.

What are the risks of chronic renal failure? Is there a risk? Chronic renal failure may be early and nephritis and other kidney diseases are related, so it is necessary to remind everyone that if nephritis has been diagnosed, should be actively treated, but also need to control the body's protein intake.

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