How to Reduce Salt Intake for CKD Patients

2017-05-19 14:53

How to Reduce Salt Intake for CKD PatientsTo be honest, for nearly all patients with CKD, low salt intake is a necessary condition for controlling kidney disorder. However, salt is an indispensable material in our daily diet. So, how to reduce salt intake for patients?

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In the following are the solutions of how to reduce salt intake, please reading carefully.

1. Use the natural flavor of the food itself

Food has its own smell. For example, Onions, ginger and garlic can add flavor and aroma to the oil. In addition, the light foods can be cooked with green, tomato, onion, with the smell of oil to improve the taste.

2. Use other condiments to reduce the need for salt

Like vinegar, sugar increases the taste of sweet and sour, reducing the need for salt. In addition, cooking methods can be used to keep food flavors like stewed beef and stews. Also, change the salt habit: sprinkle salt on the surface of the plate to stimulate your taste buds and stimulate your appetite.

3. Some herbs or spices can be used to increase the flavor of food.

Using red dates, cinnamon and anise, you can reduce salt intake and increase flavor.

4. With the doctor’s permission, patients can take more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement their potassium.

If your doctor agrees, you can eat more potassium-rich foods to help eliminate excess sodium, like seaweed, laver, bananas, etc. You need follow the doctor’s guidance to supplement potassium. Not all patients need them.

Healthy diet is important for your diseases recovery, but direct and effective medicine treatment is better to control symptoms and save kidney from the root. Traditional Chinese Medicine is popular for CKD. Best wishes!

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