What’s the Relationship Between GFR and CKD Stage

2016-01-09 16:53

What’s the Relationship Between GFR and CKD StageIn clinic, GFR is an important index of your renal conditions, it can reflect the stages of kidney disease directly, that is means, people can know the which stage they are in according to their GFR level.

What is the relationship between GFR and CKD Stages?

GFR - glomerular filtration rate is the best test to measure your level of kidney function and determine your stage of kidney disease. Your doctor can calculate it from the results of your blood creatinine test, your age, body size and gender. The earlier kidney disease is detected, the better the chance of slowing or stopping its progression.

What treatment is helpful for treating lower GFR in CKD?

Moxibustion therapy

adjusting healthy qi——strengthening healthy qi in human body

Strengthening healthy qi with moxibustion

Adjust qi and blood in meridians by moxibustion, making flow of qi and blood smooth, harmonizing viscera, and nourishing and fixate defensive qi. In this way, body resistance can be restored. The therapeutic aim of retaining healthy qi in human body and resisting attack of pathogenic factors is achieved.

Medicines are used on certain acupoints

Use special moxa in our hospital.

Mainly choose acupoints on kidney meridian, bladder meridian, spleen meridian, stomach meridian, du-vessel (governor vessel) and ren-vessel (conception vessel).

Frequently used acupoints: Qihai (CV 6), Guanyuan (CV 4), Shenque (CV 8),Xuehai (SP 10), Zushanli (ST 36), Taixi (KI 3), Yongquan (KI 1), Shenshu (BL 23), Pangguangshu (BL 28), Shuifen (CV 9), Shuidao (ST 28), Sanjiaoshu (BL 22), etc.

In one word, with the help of this treatment, the lower GFR can be improved greatly.

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