What Are The Clinical Manifestation Of Chronic Nephritis

2018-09-16 09:53

Chronic Nephritis,Clinical ManifestationBasic manifestations are still Edema, Hypertension, Proteinuria, Hematuria, renal function damage, but because of its different etiology and pathological manifestations, the disease manifestations are varied, such as some patients with edema; and some patients with elevated blood pressure, hypertension is particularly prominent, if not carefully examined, that is very easy Mistaken for essential hypertension. Specifically, the examinations are following:

1. Abnormal urine test.

Proteinuria: proteinuria is one of the main diagnostic criteria. If the urine protein is quantified for 24 hours, the urine protein of patients with chronic nephritis is usually 1~3 grams.

Hematuria: hematuria is another major basis for diagnosing chronic glomerulonephritis, and it is glomerular hematuria.

In addition to albuminuria and hematuria, some patients may have tubular urine.

2. Edema

Most of them are eyelid edema or mild to moderate edema of the lower extremities.

3. Hypertension

Generally, moderate elevation of blood pressure, about 180-150/120-90 mm Hg column, hypertension persists, patients can appear dizziness and headache and other symptoms. Hypertension is more common in patients with renal insufficiency. More than 90% of patients with renal failure have hypertension. The kidney is an important organ of hypertension damage, which forms a vicious circle. The higher the blood pressure, the longer the duration, the greater the damage to the kidney, the more serious the decline of renal function, and the worse the prognosis.

4. Renal impairment

Chronic nephritis has chronic progressive renal impairment.

5. Disease progression

Patients can also have anemia, electrolyte disorders and other manifestations.

Early diagnosis and early treatment are very important for patients with chronic nephritis. Therefore, for some typical cases, it should not wait for more than a year to confirm the diagnosis. Early identification is very important. Patients should be vigilant and find that urine, abnormal blood pressure and edema should be treated in time.

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