What Should We Do Before We Diagnose Chronic Nephritis

2018-09-11 09:54

Chronic NephritisThere was a history of respiratory tract or cutaneous streptococcal infection 1 to 3 weeks before the onset of acute nephritis, such as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, scarlet fever, purulent skin diseases, etc. Chronic people were found only when they were in physical examination. Most of them were mild to moderate edema, hypertension and renal impairment. There may be mild nausea and vomiting, dyspnea, itchy skin and fatigue. Early symptoms are not obvious, if a sudden discovery of persistent morning facial and lower limb edema, as soon as possible to the hospital for examination.

1. If you Want to diagnose whether to get nephritis, need to do urine routine can be ruled out, if urine protein negative, microscopic examination is also normal. If urine protein is positive, with red blood cells and white blood cells, it is better to test renal function and make color Doppler ultrasound. Glomerulonephritis can be found by urine routine examination.

2. Common symptoms of nephritis, such as "edema, lumbago" and so on. Do not guess at home, must go to the regular hospital, the doctor will give you the relevant examination, symptomatic treatment. Urine can be found out. Keep warm in winter, in winter, the patient's condition is easy to deteriorate, because the blood vessels are easy to contract at low temperatures, kidneys are vulnerable to damage.

3. Don't take medicine indiscriminately. Many drugstores have side effects on the kidneys. Never take medicine indiscriminately, especially those irregular prescriptions. The side effects of antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by doctors should also be known. If you do not eat too much and eat more protein and salt in your diet, which will make your kidney heavier.

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