Can Chronic Nephritis Be Pregnant

2018-09-10 15:04

Chronic Nephritis,PregnantWomen in pregnancy, kidney, blood pressure and related aspects will occur physiological changes, the original chronic glomerulonephritis women, if you do not master the physical conditions of pregnancy or do not comply with the matters that should be noted after pregnancy, often cause the recurrence or aggravation of the original disease, and thus endanger the fetus.

Whether or not a patient with chronic glomerulonephritis can get pregnant depends on the patient's condition. The patient's condition is stable, blood pressure is normal and renal function is normal. The other pathological types of kidney are minor lesions, early membranous nephropathy or mild mesangial hyperplasia, and there is no obvious tubulointerstitial lesion. The more items with the above conditions are, the mother and fetus after pregnancy. The greater the safety of the child, the greater the likelihood of successful pregnancy. The pregnancy is generally well and has no adverse effect on the original disease. If the patient is eager to have a child, and can understand the problems that may occur after pregnancy, and can actively cooperate with the doctor to monitor the condition, pregnancy can be.

If the patient's renal function is normal, but there is high blood pressure, complications are likely to occur during pregnancy. Patients with moderate renal impairment have poor prognosis, and their original kidney disease and renal function are likely to deteriorate. It is almost impossible for normal pregnancy and production to suffer from severe renal impairment. Therefore, patients with these three conditions should avoid pregnancy as far as possible.

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