Should I Accept Dialysis With Creatinine 823

2018-10-29 10:16

Accept Dialysis,Creatinine 823It is an indisputable fact that Uremic patients fear Dialysis, and those who do not enter the dialysis stage fear that they will one day lie next to the dialysis machine.

In the clinical treatment of uremia patients, different experts have different standards for dialysis. In some hospitals, especially in general hospitals treated by Western medicine, serum creatinine is the main dialysis standard. If serum creatinine reaches 707 umol/L, dialysis will be carried out immediately, if not. To achieve this standard, if the serum creatinine is maintained at about 600 umol/L, the doctor will often give up the use of other treatment, but let the patient wait for a period of time, serum creatinine dialysis indicators before dialysis treatment.

Regardless of the fear of dialysis, most patients often choose to listen to the doctor's arrangements for dialysis, in their view, dialysis is the only way to treat kidney disease. In fact, the patient has entered a misunderstanding: dialysis is completely equivalent to treatment, and the fact is that there is a big gap between dialysis and treatment.

People with uremia can't excrete waste and water from the body because of the loss of kidney function, so they can only use external forces to excrete uremic toxin and water to alleviate symptoms of uremia. This process is accomplished through dialysis.

Dialysis is a process of solute exchange between a solution and another solution through a semi permeable membrane. Hemodialysis is a treatment that uses semipermeable membranes to remove metabolic waste and excess water from the blood and maintain acid-base balance. Its role is to "artificial kidney" as far as possible to replace the lost kidney function, so as to maintain life, it does not have any effect on the repair of the kidney, so it is impossible to cure kidney failure or uremia. Long-term use of external drainage, detoxification, the human body's two kidneys function so abandoned, resulting in further atrophy of the kidney, hardening, and ultimately complete loss of function, can only be solved by kidney replacement.

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