What Are The Process Of Uremia Hemodialysis

2018-09-26 09:52

Uremia HemodialysisThe process of uremia hemodialysis:

Hemodialysis is the use of the principle of semi-permeable membrane, the patient's blood and dialysate are introduced into the dialyzer at the same time, through solute dispersion and ultrafiltration to remove water and toxins in the human body, in order to maintain the basic physiological functions of the human body. Through the auxiliary treatment of hemodialysis equipment, it has certain significance to alleviate the symptoms and longevity of patients. Understanding the principles and processes of hemodialysis will help patients better cooperate in dialysis. So let's learn about the process of hemodialysis.

1. Patients enter the dialysis room before changing clothes, changing shoes.

2. Patients need to face this treatment with a calm mind. Don't worry too much, fear and take a rest.

3. Dialysis to eat carbohydrates and protein, prevent premature hunger or hypoglycemia. At the same time, we should limit water, limit sodium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

4. During dialysis, the patient may appear bleeding, coagulation, chills, fever, nausea, elevated or decreased blood pressure and other phenomena, do not need to panic and worry, medical staff will be timely observation and discovery, take effective measures to deal with the symptoms in a timely manner.

5. Adjustment of dietary structure before and after dialysis, due to the loss of amino acids and a small amount of protein in hemodialysis treatment, dietary principles should be relaxed, the daily amount of protein can be increased to 1.0-1.2 g/kg body weight.

6. It is very important to measure body weight before and after dialysis. Weight measurement can not only help patients master fluid balance, but also know the amount of fluid needed for ultrafiltration and evaluate the effect of dialysis.

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