What Are The Side Effects Of Peritoneal Dialysis And Hemodialysis

2018-08-23 16:35

Peritoneal Dialysis,Side Effects,Hemodialysis1. Hemodialysis: damage the function of organs and accelerate the process of death

Dialysis is only a means of alleviating symptoms, not equal to renal function, uremia will not be cured. After long-term hemodialysis, patients with advanced uremia will have obvious systemic organ damage, serious and increasing complications, poor quality of life, short survival time, the original kidney function depletion problems. Moreover, with the increase of dialysis times, patients will have a strong dependence on hemodialysis. As kidney function deteriorates further, dialysis becomes more frequent, until glomerular function is completely lost and the patient's life is at an end.

2. Peritoneal dialysis: it is easy to cause peritonitis and various complications.

A. Catheterization complications: visible wound bleeding, abdominal cavity with a small amount of blood liquid digestive tract perforation, mild intestinal obstruction after intubation, dialysate leakage, tunnel dialysis tube distortion, dialysate drainage is not smooth, dialysis tube obstruction and displacement.

B. Peritonitis: Aseptic operation is not strict can cause peritonitis, is the most common complication, repeated episodes of peritonitis can reduce the dialysis area of the abdominal wall, and make the peritoneum thickening, adhesion, dialysis efficacy decline, and ultimately lead to dialysis failure.

C. Vagus reflex symptoms: Some patients have bradycardia, hypotension, dyspnea and other vagal reflex symptoms during dialysis fluid intake or discharge.

D. Low back pain, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, hypotension, pulmonary insufficiency, etc.

E. Electrolyte, acid-base disturbance, intestinal adhesion, hemorrhoid aggravation, etc.

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