How Much Of Phosphorus And Protein Can Be Taken By Dialysis Patients

2018-08-12 15:40

Phosphorus And Protein,DialysisWe classify food proteins into two categories: high-biomass proteins, also known as high-quality proteins, provide the most complete and appropriate proportion of essential amino acid profiles, synthesize human proteins with high utilization and produce less metabolic waste. This kind of food has egg white, milk, beef, poultry, pork, fish and so on; another kind is low biological value protein, also known as non-quality protein, containing less essential amino acids, such as rice, noodles, fruits, beans, vegetable protein. When hemodialysis patients choose protein foods, more than two-thirds of them are required to be high-value proteins with essential amino acids. These high-quality proteins are more efficient than plant proteins, produce less urea, and are delicious.

Phosphorus: Every 100 grams of food phosphorus content in 100 mg of rice, noodles, bread, milk, yogurt, fish cakes, fish balls, scallops, farm chicken; phosphorus content in 100-200 mg of food beans and bean products, fish and shellfish, squid, octopus, crabs, bacon. Foods containing 200 to 300 mg of phosphorus include broad beans, eggs, sardines, cyan, tuna, salmon, flatfish, shrimp, chicken, ham, sausages and walnuts. Foods containing 300 to 400 mg of phosphorus include eels, sea urchins, (pigs, cows, chickens) liver and peanuts. Foods containing more than 400 mg of phosphorus include refined cheese, skimmed milk powder, dried fish, kelp and so on. Hemodialysis patients should choose foods with low phosphorus content.

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